A non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer from the START Center for Cancer Care

About CyberKnife

The Cyberknife is not a knife but rather a therapy that delivers a non-invasive radiation treatment directly to prostate tumors. The system focuses a linear accelerator attached to a robotic arm that can position itself anywhere around your body while you lay comfortably on the table. Guided by an active 3D imaging system, the linear accelerator directs a beam of radiation to the precise location of the tumor, adjusting as needed to target only the tumor from a variety of angles. This results in fewer treatments and damage to surrounding tissues is minimized.

In August of 2001 the FDA approved the use of Cyberknife to treat tumors all over the body, including the prostate. To date, more than 40,000 patients have been treated by Cyberknife with overwhelmingly positive results. This treatment has been available for use in treating prostates in Texas only since the beginning of the year.

About the START Center

The START Center for Cancer Care - San Antonio, Texas

The START Center for Cancer Care is a state-of-the-art cancer center that is comprised of 25 world-class oncologists practicing at eight locations in San Antonio and across South Texas with research facilities in Madrid, Spain. The START Center features the world’s largest Phase I clinical trial program for cancer drugs. Currently the Center is performing clinical trials for more than 40 promising new drugs in patients for the first time.

The physicians at the START Center are creating a new era in cancer treatment by combining customized, streamlined cancer treatments with groundbreaking, accelerated drug development efforts. The Center houses a full spectrum of clinical care treatment programs for cancer patients including chemotherapy, advanced radiation therapy, hormonal therapy and wellness programs.

The START Center is completely committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies and medicines to fight cancer. Currently the START Center has the only Cyberknife system in San Antonio and in fact the only Cyberknife between Austin and Monterrey, Mexico.

The mission of the START Center is to provide the highest quality of care for cancer patients and to accelerate the development of new anticancer drugs.