A non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer from the START Center for Cancer Care

Fewer Sessions

Cyberknife therapy requires five sessions which occur within a two week period. There is rapid recovery within the 2 to 4 weeks after a Cyberknife treatment for prostate cancer. Conventional radiation therapy requires as many as 44 sessions.


Cyberknife therapy is an outpatient treatment. You will be required to visit the START Center in San Antonio five times for treatment sessions. You can resume your normal activities immediately after each session.


Cyberknife treatments use sophisticated 3D imaging technology to precisely target the radiation directly to the tumor. There are no incisions involved with Cyberknife therapy. You stay mostly dressed while you receiving the treatment.


Anesthesia is not required. While there may be early and delayed side effects, they are much less than the pain and discomfort associated with other radiation therapies.

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Insurance Coverage

When your doctor specifies that Cyberknife is an appropriate early prostate cancer treatment option, an application is made to your insurance company for preauthorization. Medicare and some commercial companies cover the CyberKnife prostate treatment.